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Church of Scientology
since 1968

Model Narconon Centers

The Narconon drug rehabilitation and prevention program, founded in 1966, has grown to include 40 residential treatment facilities around the world. Based on the discoveries of L. Ron Hubbard, the program addresses the mental and physical debilitation precipitated by drug abuse, as well as the underlying reasons people turn to drugs. The program consists of drug-free withdrawal and detoxification, followed by life skills courses through which individuals learn to navigate life without drugs.

Furthering its mission to provide effective drug rehabilitation, Narconon will expand its network in 2015 with seven new Ideal Continental Narconon centers.

Narconon Ojai Exterior View
Narconon Ojai Reception

Panoramic views of the Ojai Valley and the Pacific Ocean beyond are experienced from the hilltop Narconon Ojai.

Narconon Africa Reception
Narconon Africa Exterior View

The Continental Narconon for Africa is located on a 500-acre game farm in Gauteng, an hour from Pretoria.

Narconon Africa Exterior View

An hour from Toronto, the new Continental Narconon Canada stands amid 43 acres of secluded woodland on an estate in the Ontario foothills.

Narconon Australia Exterior View
Narconon Australia Reception

The Continental Narconon in Australia will welcome students and professionals from across Australia, New Zealand, Oceania and Asia.

Narconon United Kingdom Exterior View
Narconon United Kingdom Reception

The Continental Narconon Center for the United Kingdom, situated on the outskirts of Maynard Greens, East Sussex, spans nine acres of rolling downs. Every space in the new Narconon United Kingdom is designed to provide distraction-free drug rehabilitation.

Narconon Europe Exterior View
Narconon Europe Reception

The facility is designed to train and apprentice Narconon drug rehabilitation specialists from across Europe. Europe’s new Continental Narconon is located on a 16-acre estate in the idyllic Danish countryside.

Narconon Latin America Exterior View
Narconon Latin America Reception

The Continental Narconon for Latin America, 90 minutes from Mexico City, occupies a restored five-building Spanish Colonial hacienda built in the late 1800s.